A Letter to a Millionaire with Money to Spare

Dear Mr/Ms Millionaire,

I know that writing this letter could be pointless, but nevertheless I wanted to give it a shot. It’s not like I’d be arrested for something like this. hahahaha

Anyway, you’re probably busy and you just came across my blog and because you saw the title, it got you intrigued. I just hope I’ll be able to keep your attention until the end of my letter.

It would be a lot easier to introduce myself if you have read my previous blog posts here, but I know how precious your time is (because the posts are quite long hahaha) so maybe I could give you a brief background of who I am and why I am writing to you.

I call myself “R” in this blog… and I also call the person I write to in this blog, “R.” I am a 32-year-old-turning-33-soon girl from a 3rd world country, the Philippines. I am an orphan now but I have a younger sister. Our parents both died of cancer. My dad died when I was 13 and my mom died when I was 31. I am from a middle class family. I have a job, but not the kind that pays a lot (but at least enough for me to survive). I have been in this job for almost 5 years and now it feels like it’s time to move on.

I’ve always had this feeling that I was meant to be in some other country. I don’t want to leave my sister, I’ve been trying to convince her for us to find a job abroad but she told me that she wants to stay here in the Philippines. Another factor maybe is that, she has a boyfriend and I’ve always known that eventually my only sister and I will have to live our separate lives sooner or later. Now, I feel stuck. I don’t have savings because my family had bills and rent to pay and I must admit, I’ve spent (instead of saving) my money to some family activities (dining out, a bit of traveling, simple gifts, watching movies); and I don’t regret that I did those things because if I didnt and I focused on just keeping the money,  my sister and I would have not enjoyed the time left with our mom. When my mom died, we were able to get some money from donations after the expenses. The change, we used to open our bank accounts. That is the “savings” I would call now. But it’s not a big amount of money for me to use so I could start a new life abroad.

Maybe you’re wondering if I have even tried applying for a job overseas? Yes, I have. I am not sure how many times I did but unfortunately, it’s either I don’t get a response or I get a rejection email. I’ve been trying really hard since last year. Really hard? I would say yes because I have been consistently trying because I also met someone whom I would like to be with. So this is the guy I write to in my blog, “R.”

He is from a 1st world country (France) but I think he’s also from a middle class family, maybe he isn’t (sometimes it doesn’t feel like it) but like a typical European (I think), he lives independently and not depend on his family even if his job is not like a regular kind of employment. He impressed me with his independence and his courage to face adulthood on his own. Sometimes he feels like he’s poor, maybe because he doesn’t have his own apartment. He had to give up his apartment in (last quarter) 2015 because he went traveling in Asia. Yes, that’s when I met him. (He went back to France in 2016)

I have always admired those people who travel on their own because I was scared to do something like that (although, an update: I have done my first solo travel this month but only in the Philippines, not abroad… not yet. and now I know how it feels like traveling on your own. It is liberating, fulfilling, and it makes you feel like you’ve earned 1000 points in adulthood).

But where do I want to go? Honestly, wherever R will be. It might sound absurd and maybe you would even question me if I am actually doing this for myself or for him? It is for myself, and it would seem it’s for him but only because you know that he also wants us to be together. Right now, he wants us to try to living together in Australia. And I really want that too. He could help me with the expenses, but (as I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post) I think it’s much better if he won’t have to do that. Remember, he is also a middle-class person.

But why would I rather ask a stranger (like you) to help me? (I’m pretty sure he’s going to be quite disappointed about this too. He wants me to ask him for help instead of my best friend or my sister or other people) Well, your financial capacity is definitely already on the table BUT MORE THAN THAT, it was because of what he said to me last time. It’s on my previous blog post. I don’t know how am I going to put this in a way that you will understand it as how I understood it and not in a negative way. He told me that it would be better if we try to be together in Australia than in France because it’s going to be a lot more difficult for me in France than in Australia if the worst-case scenario happens… And that is, if things won’t work out between us. It’s not that he wants that to happen but yeah, let’s face it, anything could happen. So, if he is the one who will help me with the expenses (which I would try to pay back, even if he wouldn’t let me)… And the worst-case scenario happens, I’d like to avoid any regrets about him insisting on supporting me or if I haven’t completed paying him back, I wouldn’t want an awkward situation that I’d have to contact him for payment, or maybe he would just tell me that I won’t have to pay him back (maybe because he feels guilty or whatnot). It’s not that I don’t care for the money you would be kindly donating me because I know that even if the worst-case scenario happens, I would forever be thankful that you have been that person who helped me make a difference in my life. The person who supported me towards a risky start. I don’t know what could really happen in the future, I am hopeful that the worst-case scenario will not happen… I can’t control what’s meant to happen BUT I can guarantee you that I am in control of what I want to achieve. I just want a new life with the person I feel I want to be with. That I will focus on growing as a better person, that I will be as happy as I can be, and wishing to be, that I will cherish the gift you’ll be giving me… The gift of time and bridging the distance that separates me from this person who makes me happy, and whom I want to give happiness to.

I feel a bit embarrassed asking for something like this when there are people with bigger problems. I am not forcing anyone though, only those with something to spare… Actually, if you could offer a working visa sponsorship, it would be much better because I want to give back by giving a loyal service through my hardwork and dedication.

I think this is again another long post from me. I hope I still got you hooked and maybe I have touched a little soft spot in your heart.

If you feel like someone else deserves your gift, I understand.. 🙂 Maybe good wishes for me won’t be too much to ask for? Thank you for listening and I hope you will continue having a good life and helping others.

Thank you.



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