Subject: Tu me manques. Je T’aime. Bisous.


Dear R,


So it was your 30th birthday last September 29. I was the first one who greeted you… well, I am 6 hours ahead your timezone so I guess that’s one advantage. So I actually just wrote you a message because I knew that you would be busy. I greeted you a happy birthday and hopefully that your wishes will come true and then I told you… “love you” hahahaha. I’ve been waiting for a special day to be able to say that to you again because I don’t want to scare you away, you know… I don’t want to be a scare crow 😛 and I wrote just “love you” because I thought if I’ll write “I love you” it might sound too formal and the more it could sound crazy serious. Anyway, you were at your father’s house on the night of your birthday. You called me but told me to go on skype. You showed me the people at your father’s house. I guess they were friends and maybe relatives. You didn’t really specify. But it was ok. Well, you said you can’t stay too long, and that’s totally understandable, but you also said that it’s a special day and you just have to call me. J I wanted to melt. It was touching but then you told me, you have to call your couchsurfing friend. PFFFT. Then I told you that I am not just your couchsurfing friend. And you kept on teasing me but then when we were about to say goodbye, I was on the verge of telling you again I love you. But I didn’t want to overdo it and I thought I guess the message should be enough. There were some gaps, as usual… like when we were about to end a call but it seems like there’s more to say… then you said…


Tu me manqué.

Je t’aime.



I just wanted to do thousands of cartwheels and backward somersaults. I wanted to scream like a little girl who just saw her crush pass by and smiled at her. It was like… it was my birthday.


I said Je t’aime. But then I asked you to translate but then… you didn’t want to. You told me to google translate it. I didn’t push you too much… to be honest, I am like a typical girl who finds your language the sweetest sounding one. So I was alright with it. If I remember it right, I think you said those twice. :* And I couldn’t help myself but tell you that I love you too. And we were both smiling, ear to ear. It was one of those many moments when I just want to pull you out of my screen and kiss you and hug you OR I could jump into my screen so I could kiss you and hug you… *French kiss you, if I may. Hahaha.

R, let’s find ways to be together on special days… for a looooooooooooooooong long time. Je t’aime.





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