Subject: i want to be a happy person

I don’t know when and I am not sure if I’ll ever be a really happy person… But what I can assure you of, you make me happy, I want to be happy and I am working on being happy.

Constant Conversations

Yeah they love you when they need you
But someday you’re gonna need to
Find some other kind of place to go, oh

~passion pit

Subject: Orphan

I want you to feel that I care for you and I wish I could make you feel that way in this lifetime. I don’t know if it’s possible but I hope it is.

Subject: Hello and Goodnight

I miss being with you and I hope that you do too. Let’s see each other again, at least in our dreams… for now.

Subject: I Went Out On A Date… With Myself

I don’t want to be alone but it feels like I deserve to be alone. I want to love but it feels like I don’t know how to. I want to not give up but I don’t even know what am I holding on to.

the walk

it’s a habit she couldn’t break walking down the memory lane indulging herself of multifold memories that melts and breaks her heart both at the same time. despite that, everyday she comes for a walk down the memory lane hoping one day she’ll find you there searching for memories of you and her.

one day

remember, life is NOT short… it is indefinite. i am not immortal… and neither are you.


ako ang taong gustong sumaya kaya sinusubukan kong makita ang mga bagay-bagay sa kagandahan na mayroon sila… pero ang katotohanan, hindi ako sanay nang ganito… kasi ayaw kong umasa, ayaw kong maghangad sa bagay na walang kasiguraduhan. mas gusto ko pang huwag umasa kasi pag ganito hindi ako mabibigo ng ibang tao kasi ako na…

Subject: The Results

…I’ll have to bear the thought that there is something alien in my body, and I cannot un-think that.