Subject: Tokyo or Paris?

17 May 2016

Dear R,

So I’m thinking if you have already decided if you’re going back to France or if you’ll go for your last leg of your Asian trip- Japan. You’ve told me that you have been visiting the doctor because sometimes you feel numb and itchy on your right side of the body. You said that the doctors didn’t find anything on the CTscan, X-ray or blood test. Just like the same old you, you can’t decide whether to go back home or just go on with the trip. You’ve mentioned though about something I have reminded you of, I told you not to forget to greet your mum on mother’s day; You said if you’ll go back to France, you’ll stay in Lyon with your mum and you’ll be there with her on mother’s day. Knowing you remember what I told you, you just made me admire you more; it’s amazing that there are still guys who actually listen and remember things (no offense to the male species :P).

To be honest with you, I am really worried about your health since you’ve been in 2 motorbike accidents during your trip and you’re travelling by yourself; I think that maybe you should go home. I know that if you go back home, the farther away you are from me but you’re already far away from me and I think that since I can’t be there for you… if you go back home, your family will take care of you.

I am not sure why you are undecided about this, I think you shouldn’t risk your health. I just have this crazy, selfish theory that maybe you don’t want to go back home because you feel like I am closer to you because you’re still in Asia. I have this crazier, more selfish thought that maybe you think that there is a chance that you’d go back to me and it’s going to be less expensive while you’re still in Asia. I have the craziest, most selfish thought that maybe you don’t want to leave Asia yet because you are waiting for me to settle things here and then maybe you’ll go back home to France… with me. So I guess I am indeed crazy and selfish. Well in reality, the only possible reason why you still haven’t decided yet is because you wouldn’t know when you could go back to Asia and you just want to make the most out of it. There is a 99.9% that the last theory is the right one but the 0.01% is my crazy, selfish hope that I am the reason you’re still here.

It has been a month since you took that plane for Taiwan. That was the last time I was able to hug you, kiss you, but the first time I was able to tell you that I love you. And I still miss you everyday. We keep in touch; I just hope because one day something amazing could happen… If not,  (knock on wood, lol) I’d say it still worth it.

I miss you, see you soon? 😛




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