Subject: You Called Just Right After I Opened My Eyes

6 May 2016


Dear R,

I’ve been staying up late these days. I go to bed between 6 and 7 in the morning. I am back to my old habits. I’ve been watching movies and my TV series. Last night, after I got home from work, I did not just watch a movie, I had a can of beer. I drink beer but I am not much of a fan but last night, I thought it could help me fall asleep… it didn’t. I watched the second episode of this season of GOT then I watched “How to be Single” and then finally I watched “The Longest Ride.” After that last movie, I wanted to watch another one but Mr Sun was peeping through the window. So I decided to sleep.
I woke up at around 12 Noon. And then I charged my ipod touch, was a bit worried that you might be calling. As soon as it opened, you called me on wechat. I probably looked like too lazy, I think you knew that I just woke up. hahaha. You asked what am I doing at 12 noon and I said that I just woke up. You asked what time I went to bed and I’ve been honest even if I knew that you’re going to tell me that it’s not good for my health. hahhaha and I was right, you did tell me that.
You were walking at the park (I think). You said it’s a holiday in Korea and there are too many people, you even showed me the place. You said you went to a temple. Unfortunately we had a bad internet connection so you hang up but you called again. We didn’t have a chance to talk long, you said there was a Chinese man looking at the screen of your phone while we were having a video call. hahaha. weird. The call got disconnected but you did not call back. It was ok because I had to get ready for work and I’m sure that if you called back, I’d probably try to keep you on the phone. Bad idea.
After a few hours, I asked if you’re still going to call back because if not, I would just share with you something that happened to me yesterday. So I asked if you know Berlin Artparasites because they published the work I have submitted the other day. I don’t know if you read it (I took a screenshot of it on IG and wrote the link) but you asked me when did I write it. I said just the other day but the thought has always been on my mind. I asked if you read it, but you did not reply and I had to leave for work. I have to see if you replied once I get home (in a bit), if I’m lucky, maybe  you’d call me again but if not, I’ll indulge myself to some movies tonight.
I miss you. Always.

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