Subject: Tokyo or Paris?

There is a 99.9% that the last theory is the right one but the 0.01% is my crazy, selfish hope that I am the reason you’re still here.

Subject: You’re Making My Heart Bipolar

just when I started to just let the universe work its way and for me to stop plotting on subtle ways to catch your attention… you consistently made it sure that you’re not fading away in my mind. You’re cruel, a bit. Yet I still like you a lot.

An Orphan Girl’s Letter to Her Future Lover

So why am I writing to you, my future lover? Because I know that I am not fully convinced that I am right. Actually, I think I might be wrong; and honestly, I am hoping I am wrong. I love being in love. I love being loved. But I am scared.

Subject: Missing You

i think it’s not too often that someone meets another person you’re certain you want to be with. i think people should be brave enough to admit that they want to spend their life with that person. so, i am being brave now because i know it doesn’t mean that when i tell you these things, you would say the same things. but i want to be brave because i want to take this chance… a chance to my happiness. you’ve made me and are making me happy, if i could keep you.. why wouldn’t i take that risk, right?