Subject: Our First Encounter

Dear R,

20th  of March 2016, Sunday night. I found you sitting by the fountain, with your luggage and a few things you took out from your bag. I was walking towards you and I was amused at the same time how comfortable you were fixing your stuff while there were lots of people around you drinking (and probably wondering what is this crazy Caucasian guy doing?). I thought, you were like a kid, playing with his new toys and not a care in the world, just focused on whatever you’re doing. And as I was drawing near, you noticed and so we met for the first time. You were supposed to give me a cheek to cheek on both of my cheeks but because I forgot that you are French, I only gave my right cheek. At least it didn’t really get awkward. hahaha.

We decided to stay a bit in Eastwood. I was hungry and you weren’t so I decided to just get a mango cheesecake blizzard. I asked if you want one, but you said you don’t. So we shared some stories about our travels although I didn’t have much to say. We talked about the countries in Asia you’ve been to for the past 4 months, your accident in Indonesia, your stay at your cousin’s place in Singapore, the smog in China, and many other things. I was envious of how far you’ve reached, of the numerous places you’ve been to, and the wonderful and memorable experiences you’ve had. I don’t think I’ll be able to remember all the things we’ve talked about that night but I remember how  mesmerized I was with the way you smile. Suddenly it felt like I was Meredith Grey staring at McDreamy’s eyes and smile. How you looked at me while listening to my stories, I’ve felt your sincere interest. And it captivated me. I could feel myself getting lost at your stare, it was hypnotizing. It was seducing me. Then we decided to go home.

It was a bad idea.



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